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Important Point 1: REST

Most of your gains are not made when you are in the gym but when you are resting and sleeping, if you overuse your muscles with no rest periods it can have negative effects of muscle gain. When we sleep our brain is working harder than during the day to repair damaged cells and this includes muscle cells so make sure you get enough sleep!

Important Point 2: CALORIES

Throughout the day we burn hundreds, even thousands of calories. If you do cardio a lot you will burn lots of calories, some consider this a good thing (especially when losing weight) however when trying to pack on muscle calories are vital for energy and muscle repair, so if bulking you need to make sure you get enough calories or else gains will be small, this is make easier by doing less cardio or even none!

Important Point 3: MIX IT UP

When we first start weightlifting tremendous gains are made, this is because the body is not used to this kind of workout and it thinks "I need to be stronger". This can be applied to experienced and intermediate bodybuilders aswell. For 3-4 weeks use a set routine for chest, for example, maybe doing incline chest press on the smith, flat chest press, cable flyes. After 3-4 weeks change the routine and do maybe dumbell decline press and dumbell flyes etc. your body isnt used to them and will be shocked into gaining muscle!

Important Point 4: BE CONSISTANT

If you have your set routine planned for a week stick to it, Do Not miss gym sessions, push yourself to go. If you feel unmotivated think of the bigger picture! Hit and miss does'nt work. FACT.

Important Point 5: CUT ALCOHOL OUT

Alcohol raises your estrogen level which in turn makes your testosterone level drop, and testosterone is a very important part of gaining muscle. The Less the better

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